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[Jul. 27th, 2005|08:30 am]
Congress Bundestag Class of 2006


[mood |excitedpsyched]

wow, day before we go to DC and i'm just joining the community. anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone. i'm totally psyched, although the slight nervousness (perhaps having something to do w/ the fact that i'm not entirely packed yet) is starting to set in. i got my german cellphone ("handy") yesterday, and i'm already addicted to it.
so let's see. i'm jenny, and i'm gonna be living in rheinland pfalz in a town called sinzig. i'm gonna be attending Rhein-Gymnasium Sinzig with a fellow CB-er, alyssa (ps- alyssa, if you see this, can't wait to meet you. apparently we're riding from tuebingen together w/ your host parents). my host mother is a teacher at my school, and my host father is a music teacher! i'm tres psyched. i should have 3 siblings, but apparently the one who's my age is coming to america (kansas!) for the year. meaning i have an 11-year-old brother (who i'm supposed to tutor in english) and a 13-year old sister. so yeah. i'm excited.
anyway, can't wait to see you guys! does anyone else feel like they're packing too much stuff? i've completely stuffed 2 suitcases, not to mention my carry-on (a bookbag) and a laptop. this is gonna be crazy fun, y'all!

From: blair066
2005-07-27 06:33 pm (UTC)
Yes, I just realized I'm packing way too much. And I thought I was being pretty reasonable. I have a suitcase that is 68 lb. and exactly 62 linear inches. Also another crammed bag, and I still have stuff I don't have room for.

uh oh...
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